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About us
Healthcare is increasingly vital in today’s world and providing our clients with innovative medical devices is something we do every day. Our goal is to promote people’s health and safety through our hygiene and medical products which stand to combine practical functions, safety, design, and ease of use in all of our equipment.
You can find us in various key locations, from our store in Shanghai to our home office in Paris, or our R&D and production centre in Germany.

HMM Europe is run by a dynamic young team who ensure our brand is innovative and keep our service concept centred firmly on our customers.

Freshcare’s values are :
Everything we do at FRESHcare is based on our users’ recommendations and feedback, for you are at the center of everything we strive for! Our ideas, improvements and motivation all start with you!
Through innovation we aim to offer continuous value and provide new solutions to our partners and users.
We are dedicated to constantly improving the lifestyle and comfort of the end user through continual product design improvement.

Manufacturing facilities

In addition to R&D and production, HMM Europe has developed its own in-house brand to bring high quality healthcare products directly to consumers. FRESHcare is positioned as a distributor and marketer to continuously improve our customer’s lives with industry-leading products, bring you and your family new life experiences, and help us all stay healthy and happy together.

Non-woven expertise

Non woven fabrics especially SSS/SMS laminated non wovens with PE film, are extensively used in the medical field today and play a vital role in the medical sector. In order to rapidly respond in this market we manufacture our own raw material for the use of our hygiene products such as underpads, briefs, diapers and liners.

Industrial expertise

The production of our products integrates various industrial processes, selection of raw materials, injection, cutting moulding, welding, confection, trimming, joinery, surface treatment, assembly, which allow great autonomy and a capacity for development and innovation.


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