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Freshcare underpads are available in a variety of sizes and absorbances to suit all needs. They provide reliable and comfortable protection that help keep beds, chairs and other surfaces clean and dry. Each underpads consists of six integrated layers. The heavy weight bonded top sheet is made of hydrophilic non woven fabric to provide softness for skin. SAP and absorbent full layers quickly pull up and lock up liquid. The fourth layer is super absorbent tissue. The outer fabric is made of breathable PE flm and non woven soft and waterproof material.

Quality underpads :

  • Leak proof bottom PE flm effectively protects against leakage and resists melting
  • Spunbond nonwoven topsheet allows fuid to pass quickly into the absorbent core and keep wetness away from skin
  • Rapid diversion design makes moisture vapor transfer away from the body to keep skin drier and more comfortable
  • Super- absorbent polymer ensures maximum fuid retention while reducing odor


  • SS / PE flm / Laminated non woven + PE
  • Lint free
  • Anti static
Different options
Low absorbency
Moderate absorbency
Maximum absorbency
Odor control

High quality super absorbent polymer and fuff pulp can effectively reduce unpleasant odors and prevent bacterial growth

Special texture design

The textured surface is helpful for liquid absorption, keeping wetness away from skin

Sizing chart of underpads available

40x60cm 58x60cm 60x60cm 60x90cm 76x76cm 76x90cm 80x150cm 90x177cm 100X230cm

Also available :

Reinforced underpads : assists in the lift and repositioning of body weights up to 136 kg<br>
Premium strength, assists in the lift and repositioning of body weights up to 180 kg

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